Photography Gear List – Wedding Day Essentials and more


Sony A7iii

The Sony A7iii is one of the hottest Mirrorless cameras on the market at the moment. Not only does its size and weight beat out any DSLR, but it also has quicker focusing and creates out-of-this-world images. The reason my entire business leveled up had a lot to do with the quality of my mirrorless. I highly recommend the a7iii if you’re looking to transition from another brand.

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Sony G 35mm f1.4

This 35mm f.14 is my GO-TO lens. I will shoot entire weddings without using any other glass in my gear because of how in love I am with the results this lens creates. If you are on the edge of spending a few extra bucks or not, I promise this 35mm is worth it.

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Sony 85mm f1.8

Now I don’t use my 85mm too often, but when I do it always delivers. This lens is perfect for when I want to stay out of the way during the ceremony, but still, capture those intimate shots. This is an essential lens because I will never get rid of it from my gear.

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Sony 50mm 1.8

The 50mm is a staple starting lens and a staple lens of all time in my opinion. I find myself loving the everyday angles I can create with this tool – but also enhancing our vision of everyday life. I believe it’s less documentary and more personal.

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Sony FE 50mm 1.2 GM Full-Frame

Now, this lens is a dream that I have. I am working to upgrade my 50 to this lens. The GM series are incomparable to the starter lenses when it comes to speed and quality. And with such a large aperture the possibilities are endless.

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Brevite Jumper Backpack

Minimal and stylish plus functionality was a huge influence in purchasing this backpack. I am so sold on the amount of gear and the versatility the Jumper by Brevite has to offer.

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SanDisk Extreme Pro 170mb/s 256 gb SD Card

I always go for the fastest and largest SD cards I can find. I shoot with a dual SD card slot so I am writing on two cards at once throughout every wedding and I need to have the assurance I can move at a fast speed. You can find this by reading the “170 mb/s” speed. The higher that number, the faster the SD card!

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